This observatory has been developed by  David Morgan.

A physics graduate, I undertook a Masters in Radio Astronomy at Jodrell Bank   with a thesis on Lunar Aperture Synthesis Radar at 408MHz.

This was followed by a Phd in Magneto Plasma Physics preparing and launching VLF receivers into the Earths’ Magnetosphere.
About 5 years was then spent in the Aerospace Industry  developing and testing scientific spacecraft.

30 years beyond that have been spent on a variety of projects in the Aerospace sector leading to partial retirement at the end of 2003.
With more time, it then became possible to consider fulfilling an ambition from school days to design, build and use a radio telescope.



My efforts and the time spent on the 15 foot antenna at school were detrimental to my A Level studies , however the experience was useful in the formal interview for a place to study at the UK Radio Astronomy site of  Manchester University at Jodrell Bank.



On taking up the subject again in 2005 it was fascinating to see how far electronic devices have improved since those days at Jodrell.  Sensitive preamplifiers (PHEMT) costing a few tens of UK£s were now able to achieve levels of  performance that only research groups using cryogenically cooled devices were able to do in the 70’s.


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